Coco, the Squirrel

Hi there, Hope you are having a great weekend! Today, I have a small story about an incident that is quite close to me (Although I was not really a part of it). It speaks about love, loss and the fragility of life. 15th June 2019, Bengaluru It was the eve of our engagement and … Continue reading Coco, the Squirrel

56 Family Heirlooms

Hi there! How are you doing today? This morning I had a tour down the memory lane as my family and I sat down looking at old albums. My parents' wedding, their childhood, my childhood and a lot more albums. With that, I also found an album that I had forgotten about for over a … Continue reading 56 Family Heirlooms

Resistance – The Evil Within

Hi there, Hope you are doing well. It has been over six months ever since I started working on my second book. Three months since I actually started putting words into the outline. I thought it would be easy because I have already been through this before. Shikhandini, my first book was not just a … Continue reading Resistance – The Evil Within

Biryani Day!

Hello, you wonderful people out there, Hope you are all holding up well today on Lockdown Day 29, is it? I truly have lost count of it. Sending out positive vibes and love to you and your family. So, yesterday was Biryani-day at home. I was never really a Biryani person (Don't judge me yet), … Continue reading Biryani Day!

Light at the end of the Tunnel.

Hi there, Hope you are all doing well. Today, I received the picture below in one of the hundred Whatsapp groups I belong to. The picture is hard-hitting. Amongst all the complaints about boredom, feeling of imprisonment, no access to your favourite fast food etc. people have finally acknowledged the real issue. The Lockdown is … Continue reading Light at the end of the Tunnel.

Small Consistent Effort

Hey everyone, Hope you and your family are doing well today. Your likes, comments and feedback over the last couple of posts have been a big boost of confidence for me to write more and better. So a big thank you to all of you. Image courtesy: Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw from Pexels In today's post, I am … Continue reading Small Consistent Effort

Spend Your Energy Thoughtfully

Hey there. Hope you all are holding up well and using this Lockdown time to heal, connect and reevaluate. Today on Day 20 of the Lockdown in India, I am writing about Energy and how one can spend it thoughtfully to get the maximum out of their day. Every dawn is an opportunity to start/learn/create … Continue reading Spend Your Energy Thoughtfully

5 Good Things the Lockdown Taught Us

Hey there, Hope this blog post finds you and your family in good health! No matter how bad the situation, it always has a silver lining. From the numerous bloggers I follow, I have discovered that people who try to remain optimistic during tough times, almost always are the first ones to see this silver … Continue reading 5 Good Things the Lockdown Taught Us

The Power of Unity

Yesterday on Day 12 of lockdown in India, I got the opportunity to be a part of something beautiful. At 8:15 am (IST), healers, Yogis, Spiritual Gurus and Yoga enthusiasts like myself came together in virtual mass meditation (from our respective homes). It was an “Ascension Timeline Meditation” that was scheduled to align with a … Continue reading The Power of Unity